Self-isolation week 2: past existential dread, and into acceptance

Since we still couldn’t find anything fresh locally, I kept exercising my newly developed skills at queueing online and I eventually arranged a delivery of fresh stuff for this Monday in one of the services that doesn’t block me from buying “more than 6 items” from the fruit and vegs section (even if that’s mostly what I eat??).

I was on a video call to my family, describing last Monday’s fruit and veg box as “a Kinder egg, but with fruits and vegetables instead”: you don’t know what you might get, but hopefully it’ll be nice! Then I was telling them how excited I was for the new delivery. I had been thinking about its contents all week. I even dreamed about the blood oranges!

And then, the disappointment: the oranges weren’t there. The peppers weren’t there. Half the carrots weren’t there. Other things weren’t there. You can’t cook two-ingredient dishes if one of the two ingredients that make the dish are not delivered! ☹️

I emailed the company, pointing out the list of missing items… and then they emailed me saying I should have found an email regarding my order… which was sent an hour after I had sent the email. Were they expecting customers to just not notice?

It was also cold and gloomy, and something in the construction site nearby had been loose and randomly making loud CLAAAANG noises overnight, reverberating in the eerie quiet street and waking me up at random intervals. Add to this the change to summer time and…

I had been doing quite OK all week, but this finally tipped me into Bad Mood Territory. Or, according to Devvers, I was having “existential dread” ?

Fortunately the chicken was indeed in my possession, and I made a very fine job of roasting it to perfection (if I might say so myself): the skin was crispy and deliciously fatty, the meat was falling off the bones, the herbs and spices brought up the right amount of aroma, and in general it was a damn good chicken and I felt so luxuriated and grateful that night!

Magnificent chicken I roasted

So that compensated for the horrible sensation of impending conflict and doom that I was feeling ?

I think I’m starting to embrace whatever comes our way. We’ll make do. I suppose this is the ‘acceptance’ phase? Let’s see.


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