Korean “churros”

We try random snacks from the Korean shop next to us from time to time.

Devvers favours bold stuff, often with “prawn” flavours, while I normally opt for milder things: seaweed based snacks, coconut-flavoured rolls, etc.

This time, though, we found something that looked too absurd to be true: Korean churros!

I was deeply confused! They even had the Spanish flag and an “original” seal! And “¡HOLA!” with the proper exclamation marks. What was going on?

Of course I had to try them, so you don’t have to! 😂

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Noble Rot Soho

Noble Rot soho - looking outside through the window

I have a confession to make: I am late to most culinary trends and “best kept secrets”.

I had never been to the Gay Hussar, the restaurant that used to be in these premises. I actually barely knew anything about it, its fame (used to be frequented by politicians on their old-school long lunches) or the type of cuisine it cooked (Hungarian), until it was threatened with closure.

And then it was finally closed and boarded up, and I never had the chance to visit, and then it spent quite a bit of time shut, and I would cycle past it and never give it a second thought (there’s only so much you can be saddened with before everything drags you down).

Then a couple of weeks ago Devvers said we should visit the restaurant as it had just opened.

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Soup and bread and butter

This restaurant opened recently and we decided to try it out because we have had very little exposure to African food and are quite curious about it (perhaps the most we’ve tried is North African food i.e. Moroccan, Egyptian…). But also, it is in our neighbourhood and we would like it to not become a Ghost Town again, so here we are, keen to support local businesses!

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An explosion, way before Guy Fawkes night

Yesterday night, we were finishing dinner and then I started noticing something. Some sort of noise. I asked Devvers: “did you hear that?” No, nothing.

Of course I started suspecting it must be mice, because it’s London and because it’s getting cold, so it’s obvious it would be mice.

I entered the kitchen, already indignant with the mice for daring to be in the kitchen, making weird noises when we were around and the lights were on! The nerve of them!

But I didn’t see any mice. It was all clear.

And yet I kept hearing that weird, indeterminate sound. What was going on?

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