Foraging, I: the Christmas tree branch

Foraged tree branch

I was walking on the street on the 21st of December (and yes, I do write way after the fact), reflecting on the fact that the idea of winter solstice was fabulous: after that night, the days would be getting longer, the nights shorter, and eventually the weather would get warmer… and then my eyes noticed a branch on the floor.

I was standing outside a garden/flower shop, so I figured it must have been trimmed off a Christmas tree. And then I remembered what my grandfather used to say:

Lo que a mi casa viene, es porque me conviene.

(“Whatever comes to my house does so because it’s convenient for me”)
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More rolls
KAZU menu title
KAZU menu title

I keep forgetting to write about this restaurant, and each time I go I keep telling myself I should write about it, because it’s just so good!

We’ve been there several times, and each time we go we leave the dishes empty.

Left the dishes empty
Left the dishes empty
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