Saturday, 15/07/2023 (II): Immich Anker

Weingut Immich-Anker - entrance to the cellar

The second winery we were going to visit on this day was just a 5 minute drive away, in Enkirch.

Daniel met us outside the winery building, and told us how the omnipresent Mosel slate stone was so important for them in many ways: as the soil in which the vines grow, and as the literal fabric of the building, as it was also made of slate! He also told us how the building was used as an strategic observation tower during war times, as it is tall and has an even taller tower!

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Saturday, 15/07/2023: Melsheimer Weingut

Melsheimer Riesling trocken 2022 and Lentum 2018

Our friend Sven lives in Germany and was very excited that we got to visit his country.

He is also excited about wine and trying new things, so he mobilised his network of experts to find interesting wineries in the area, and drove to Bullay, where we also went to by train (with all the bends of the Mosel, it was the best option logistically speaking!).

So we met at the station, and then drove across the Mosel and past a number of terraced slopes that did nothing but fire our anticipation, until we arrived to Reil, a small beautiful village.

As it were to be the theme of the day, we got to meet the grandfather in the family, who exchanged a few words with us, and quickly called the person currently running the winery, Thorsten.

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Friday, 14/07/2023: Luxembourg sightseeing, then train to Cochem

Mosel and the terraced vineyards, from the train

After walking past it the night before, we visited the Bock itself after breakfast.

It packs a punch; if you like crypts, cannons, views, staircases built in stone and secret passages that lead you down a tall spiral staircase, through a long corridor, up another tall spiral staircase and to an alternative escape route out of the fortress, you should visit too. Well worth the price of admission!

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A trip to the Mosel valley

A bunch of grapes from a random house by the Mosel in Cochem, basking in the afternoon sun

“This summer, I’m going to Germany to drink lots of German wines.”

Say that to any random person and you’ll probably get a number of confused looks, if not outright mockery:

  • GERMAN wines?
  • I did not know they made wine out there!
  • Aren’t they sickly sweet?
  • etc…

To be honest, I was one of those people who thought wine couldn’t be made in Germany.

Or rather, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that it was possible!

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