Protein bars

In which I evaluate and assess a series of protein bars, and share the results with you.

These reviews are not sponsored in any way and are simply my opinions. If you like bars that aren’t too sweet, sticky or gooey and have a nice crunchy bite and flavour, this might be interesting to you and maybe save you from trying bars you won’t like.

Values in the table are per bar, not per 100g.

KIND Protein Toasted Caramel Nut: sweet enough but not too sweet, breaks down without being too brittle or too soft. I still got some bits stuck to my teeth, but nothing horrifying. I’d eat this one again.812g13g17g249kcal
KIND Honey roasted nuts & sea salt: it was a bit too sweet, but overall nice enough to eat without breaking your teeth or trying to remove stuck bits from your teeth for hours. I had not kept the bar in extremely warm conditions, but it was really sticky, as if the honey had melted somehow.67.6g11.1g15.9g223kcal
TREK Dark chocolate and sea salt protein Nut Bar: it was nicely nutty and the bite was not excessively hard. It had a pleasant hint of peanut butter without being ‘too much’, but not enough chocolateriness, and I felt it was verging on too sweet. There was also a very strange unpleasant whiff from time to time, similar to the smell banana can make when left out for too long, although strangely, there’s no banana in the list of ingredients.610.3g6.9g14.9g213kcal
KIND Dark chocolate mocha almond: initial nice mocha taste, but way harder than expected nuts. It made me fear I’d bite too hard and crack a tooth. Not a pleasant thought! It needs more ingredients that make it brittler. Some bits also got stuck to my teeth, which I dislike.45.4g5.3g3.4g199kcal
RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt: gooey, unbearably sticky, a disgustingly date-y, over the top flavour, and way fewer nuts than I expected. If it hadn’t been because I was very hungry, I would have thrown it away. I spent 30 minutes trying to get the bits out of my teeth ?312g18g8.8g207kcal