Hello! I’m a Spanish person living in London, UK. I am passionate about cooking, good food and drinks.

I mostly started this blog to document what I was eating/cooking, to act as my own personal log, but my lovely partner Devvers has started to contribute with some recipes too. So it’s not just “my” blog anymore. We’ll be pleased and humbled if it inspires you to cook something 🙂

My other goal is to share my favourite Spanish recipes, both mainstream Spanish and less-known, regional recipes from my little corner in Spain (between the provinces of Valencia and Alicante).

Spain is a big country, with many types of climates and historical influences, and so our gastronomy is very diverse. Most of the dishes people outside of Spain know about are the ones Spanish people are least likely to eat on a day to day basis—they’re more like snack food than anything else to us.

Yet most literature seems to focus on those dishes, to which I hardly relate, since I’m used to Valencian food. In many cases it might even be hard to find recipes in Spanish as they’re largely shared mouth to mouth only (to my desperation!).

I’d like to change that and empower people to cook and enjoy Spanish and Valencian recipes, wherever they are.

Paella with artichokes
Rice with chard
Eggs on sobrasada on toast, with spring onions
Coca de fira
Homebrewed horchata / horchata casera