The last time we went to Lanzarote was in 2015, so things might have changed a lot since then!

These are the places we went to and could recommend or liked more.

There’s also a lot of snack / tapas bars and restaurants that can do their job of providing you with food, but I wouldn’t say were specially memorable, so I won’t list them here!

La era – Calle el Barranco 3, 35580 Yaiza – they had nice [goat!] stews. Very traditional. Felt a lot like eating at your grandma’s house. Really good.

Cantina Teguise – C. León y Castillo, 8, 35530 Teguise – this was a no-frills place with nice platters (tablas). For some reason I specially remember the potatoes (papas) with two types of sauce (mojo verde & picón).

Inside Cantina Teguise
Inside Cantina Teguise

El chupadero – Geria, 3, 35570 La Geria – We went there after visiting the volcano national park. I remember getting out of the car and feeling how WINDY this place was! And then immediately seeing the surrounding vines planted in such a characteristic style to avoid being windswept. My other memory is of the nice cheese we ate. I think about it from time to time.

Restaurante Bogavante – Av. Marítima, 39, 35570 El Golfo – we had really nice fish here! Very relaxed lunch by the sea.

We also had lunch at, I think, the restaurant at Jameos del Agua, which was also designed by César Manrique. It felt like we had fallen into a 60s design hole, and it was quite amusing and atmospheric. The food was decent, maybe a bit pricy but you’re paying for the design too! I don’t seem to have taken pictures of the food but here’s a couple of pictures of the place – it is really very stunning!