Post summer fallow

I have been quite absent from here lately.

Trying to keep up with the weekly posts stressed me, which was the opposite of what writing here should be. So I decided to stop it, there and then.

Then we were really lucky and we could finally go back to Spain for a few weeks. It was really strange to be elsewhere, not in our flat, for the first time in six months. It all felt quite unreal, as if we were in a dream.

Grafitti depicting a cup with a palm tree, a slice of lime and a barraca, and an “Aigua de València” title

We enjoyed spending time in Valencia again. We ate and drank, explored new and old favourites, and of course, visited my beloved market almost daily—summer fruits are a thing of beauty! We also made almost daily use of our balcony, having very socially distanced aperitivi and practising the noble art of Human CCTVing (and sometimes also being bitten by mosquitos).

All of this requires active dedication and the last thing I wanted to do was to stop enjoying what I was doing in order to blog about it. Hence, no writing here!

Now that autumn has started, that might change…

A fallen leaf

What happened in March?

I was pretty absent from this blog during March. My apologies!

Since the last post, I underwent a dental surgery (ew) which prevented me from eating “grown up food” for a couple weeks, as I literally had a hole on my gum (!) and my jaw hurt.

Then when things were settling down I started wearing clear dental braces, which prevented me from eating “solid-ish” food for a couple more days as my teeth and jaw were sore, and made me develop new food ingestion strategies. I think I might write about these as they might be useful for other people in my situation (and their relatives and friends). But not now.

It’s been a while until I have settled down again, as there have also been lots of other events happening-trips to places, visiting new restaurants, attending a baking course… the lot!

Hopefully I can go back to a normal-ish schedule. Or at least a more frequent posting schedule. That would please me already as I have so much to write about in my mental backlog!

Hello world!

Well, hello!

I finally got round to setting this up, after spending an agonising amount of time trying to decide what would be the best option. Sometimes you just want to go for the familiar and tried and tested solution.