Italy 2018


We spent a week in Italy last month—some days near Lake Bolsena, and then a couple more days in Rome.

It’s well known that Italy is such a foodie haven and this has been true the three times I’ve been there so far. The other aspect that I really love about the country is the huge variation between regions, and the joyous diversity and richness it entails. And essentially, it means there’s always something new to learn and taste each time you go to a new place, which is amazing if you ask me.

I’m not going to follow an strict chronological order for the upcoming posts because both you and me would get bored beyond recognition; instead I’ve grouped them by topics related to food and drinks (since, well, this is a food and drinks blog ?)

  1. An abundance of plump fruits
  2. A lesson on making pizzas
  3. Rosemary focaccia and figs
  4. Kiwi jam and aubergine and tomato pasta
  5. The coffee in Italy: gli espressi
  6. The many fountains of Italy
  7. Tenuta la Pazzaglia
  8. Gli aperitivi
  9. Truffle pasta
  10. Trattoria del Moro, Bolsena
  11. Pitigliano
  12. Camponeschi, Rome

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