An abundance of plump fruits


We stayed in an “agroturismo” in the first days of our Italian holiday. Which meant staying in farm house-style accommodation, being quite close to nature, and hence everything was a bit “rustic” and a bit more “alive” than usual!

I found wild boars cheekily hanging out with the horses and drinking water from their vessel (really, very cheeky) at 7 am, when I was going to my morning run. Also, multiple and big caterpillars, various types of round insects and moths of increasingly scary sizes frequented our room and its vicinity (and I’m certainly not a big fan of this type of “fauna”).

But what absolutely fascinated me was the abundance of fruits growing around.

The path from the main building to our room was flanked by them, and it was really a joy to see such pretty and PLUMP fruits.

Let’s get closer so you can appreciate their scale:

Closer to the blackberries
Closer to the blackberries

I think you might need a human hand for scale actually. So here I am holding a monstrous blackberry, which turned out to be really sweet and flavourful as well (if you’re going to pick it, you might as well eat it!).


One big and plump blackberry
One big and plump blackberry

There were also other fruit trees such as this (I think) crab apple tree. These fruits are not edible for humans as they’re super sour (unless you make jelly out of them), so I didn’t even bother. Plus, the tree was unreachable anyway ?

A crab apple tree? Maybe
A crab apple tree? Maybe

But probably the biggest highlight was seeing kiwi trees for the first time! I’m not familiar with them and it never occurred to me to learn “where do kiwi fruits come from”. I had no idea of their shape, whether they grew up tall or low, etc.

Funnily enough, we initially thought they were vines, and we were very confused as to why were they growing so high; were the vines too old to keep? Were they abandoned? No! They are not vines! Which is why they are not shaped as such! ?

Kiwi fruits, in the tree
Kiwi fruits, in the tree, early in the morning

If you look more closely the leaves do not even have vine leave shape, but I guess the arrangement of the trees in a “tall vine style” distracted us.

In any case, aren’t they pretty?

And they’ll make another appearance in an upcoming blog post…

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