Gli aperitivi

The only purpose of this post is to celebrate all the aperitivi we enjoyed while in Italy. Let the good times be remembered!


We had these Aperol Spritz after visiting the mysterious and deep Pozzo di San Patrizio. Going down (and specially, up) all those 248 steps clearly deserved a celebratory drink, which we had on a bar-kiosk that was conveniently located on the way to the pozzo.

It was also funny how grumpy and suspicious the bartenders were with regards to letting people access their toilets. They would give you the key if, and only if, you had consumed something, and would be looking at you with a fierce expression of disapproval until you either did that or went away ?

Rome – Obicà

Two glasses with Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz
Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz

We were tired after just trying to walk in the streets without being approached by souvenir sellers or ran over by tourist groups, it was hot, and we wanted to sit somewhere and have a leisurely drink.

The outdoor tables of this café looked good, but then we then realised it was an Obicà. Should we do business with a chain? Shouldn’t we?

But we decided to snub our snobbery, and just go for it. It couldn’t be worse than the ones in London, and these are pretty decent quality to start with, all things considered, we reasoned.

This turned out to be a really good decision.

It was a quiet place, not swarming with weirdos, and most importantly, they introduced us to a life-changing invention: Campari Spritz.

It was stronger than the Aperol version, and obviously turned out to be a great success amongst us, declared Negroni devotees.

(I suppose another way of explaining it would be to say that it is a bit like a Negroni sbagliato, but without the gin: Campari and prosecco only).

Rome – Bar del Fico

For some strange reason I don’t have pictures of the drinks here, but I have a picture of the drinks menu ? —if anything, there are lots of good ideas there!

I have a vague memory of ordering the Negroni al Fico and perhaps the Diva? Or the Fico Martini? I don’t remember!

Drinks menu at Bar del Fico
Drinks menu at Bar del Fico

It was a really good place to hang out: the drinks were good, everyone seemed quite relaxed and it wasn’t too noisy despite the fact that it was decently busy.

Rome – Baguetteria del Fico

This is when we got really hungry and found this place round the corner of the Piazza del Fico (hence why everything is “del Fico” now).

Meats and cheeses on the fridge of the baguetteria del Fico
Meats and cheeses on the fridge

This place reminded me lots to the places near the market in Bologna… an array of meats and cheeses on display, waiting to be made into platters, and a lively but civilised atmosphere outside.

I was also told for the second time in Italy that my Italian was very funny and dramatic. Well then, LET THERE BE DRAMA ??

*flicks hair with a wide and exaggerated arm gesture*

We got a cheese & meat platter which was exactly what we needed at that point, and a couple of… Belgian beers, I don’t really know why, now that I think about that. Perhaps we just felt like it. Anyway, they were good beers and I had no complaint about them.

Cin cin!

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