The coffee in Italy: Gli espressi

One of my favourite things while in Italy is having coffee after a fabulous meal.

I think of an Italian espresso and I’m already anticipating the aroma, the creamy, smooth foam on top, the initial bitter taste, the bigger body that develops after that, and then, before you can reflect much more on it… it’s gone!

So it’s the fate of the coffee there.

I usually go for single espresso…

Picture of an empty single coffee cup, viewed from above
One could possibly read the future on the coffee grounds left on the cup after drinking it

Sometimes I feel like an escalation is required, and move on to a double espresso. If I’m feeling very confident, I will request it in Italian, and enjoy lingering on the double p—dopppppio espresso:

Picture of a single coffee cup foam, viewed from above
A velvety, smooth foam

… specially if having a sweet treat! You need some sourness to balance it out ?

Most of the cups are simple and functional (they ought to be used many times during the day, so they’d better be durable). Therefore, the ones with intricate designs are always a highlight!

I find it funny how quite often the spoons are way too big for the cup, but I don’t use them as I don’t add sugar, so it’s not really a problem for me—I like my espresso dark and sour, like my soul ?

And sometimes you just can’t but cave into temptation, and have one of those concoctions of coffee, chocolate, cream and who knows what else. We had these at a Espressamente Illy in Rome, after trying to brave the tourist areas for 15 minutes and quickly running away from that madness.

The floor was really pretty as well:

I feel like I need a coffee right now!

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