On the recent paper on ingredients in Valencian paella

Paella Valenciana at Restaurante Navarro - with chicken, rabbit, snails, vegetables

Devvers recently shared with me an article in the Guardian titled: “Researchers in Valencia pinpoint unwritten rules of paella“. It’s about a recently published paper that aimed to shed some light on what were the most common ingredients in Valencian paella.

As I was reading the article, I had to do a number of double takes as the choice of words and tone were quite inappropriate (a list of the top N most used ingredients is just… a list, not a set of commandments), but the end of the article was just a double-take after double-take, as the article writer drops a series of dubious sounding statements, such as:

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Korean “churros”

We try random snacks from the Korean shop next to us from time to time.

Devvers favours bold stuff, often with “prawn” flavours, while I normally opt for milder things: seaweed based snacks, coconut-flavoured rolls, etc.

This time, though, we found something that looked too absurd to be true: Korean churros!

I was deeply confused! They even had the Spanish flag and an “original” seal! And “¬°HOLA!” with the proper exclamation marks. What was going on?

Of course I had to try them, so you don’t have to! ūüėā

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A very misleading chorizo package

Chorizo for cooking

I was casually browsing the aisles of deli meats yesterday, when my eyes noticed the “Discovered in Catalunya” sentence. I was like “wait, what?” ?

I was in a rush, so I did not look at the label in the package to find out if the producer is based in Catalunya. The product page in Waitrose’s website doesn’t specify where the product is coming from either.

The entire packaging is very misleading, and I have so many objections about it… exactly four.

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