The cutest flat white I’ve ever had, and Valencian mussels, finally!

I had the chance to visit La Manera, which I eyed on a former trip to Valencia but didn’t have time to stop at, and it just didn’t disappoint! First I got the cutest flat white I’ve ever been served, then a really yummy granola (I really liked the mint leaves-it was a surprisingly good flavour pairing) 😋

Granola (with mint leaves)

I will say the tablespoon they brought was way too big to eat without spilling everything out though, so I ended up using the coffee spoon.

Later we visited La Pilareta. We had been there almost a year ago, but mussels weren’t available as it wasn’t the right season. This time we were lucky and we could FINALLY have our Valencian mussels! (Plus other delicacies)

Valencian mussels, at least!

Mussels are called clotxines in Valencian, and that’s why the bar is called La casa de les clotxines, ie “the house of mussels”.

Bravas (of course!)

The batter in these calamari was nicely thin, yum!

Malted loaf, 2

After the success of the previous malted loaf, I attempted another version but just with malted flour. It was OK, and since I sliced and froze most of the loaf I enjoyed it for a couple weeks (it’s very convenient that way).

Malted loaf, 2
Malted loaf, 2

It was a decent loaf, but it was still too compact and felt a bit dry (even before freezing). I wondered if that was because of having used a rye sourdough starter in addition to the malted loaf. So I started preparing a white starter.

Malted loaf, 2, sliced
Malted loaf, 2, sliced
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