Halloween Brunch Club at Honey & Smoke

Bat cookies - at honey & smoke

Again, a belated post. And who cares if this talks about something that happened more than a week ago? Not me, I love to see intentionally spooky looking food; dates are nothing when you face the immensity of time. Also, it’s my blog so I write about what I want! 😝

I got us dinner from Honey & Spice last year for our anniversary when we were in the midst of “Lockdown 2: the sequel you knew would happen”. Since it’s quite close to Halloween I also got two surprise bat cookies… which turned out to be a really good surprise after watching a train documentary that went through Transylvania (I did not know we were going to watch this!).

So when I saw that this year there would be an in-restaurant Halloween themed brunch, I didn’t think much, and signed us up quickly!

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Marinated violet artichokes, Tropea onion & robiolina

This is possibly one of our favourite Fitzrovia restaurants, and when restaurants were allowed to serve food to customers after MANY MONTHS, Devvers promptly booked a table for lunch… outdoors. In London. In April. On the shade. On a day with arctic cold wind. AAAH! đŸ„¶

But: we had our woollies and thermal clothes on, they have installed heaters, and frankly, this food is so excellent, I was willing to sacrifice my comfort for a while to eat it again (the food, not my comfort).

This was our first restaurant experience in months! What a great comeback.

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