Cornish greens, cucumber & beef curry, brown jasmine rice

We went to KILN last week, but we’ve spent the whole week holidaying and touristing in our staycation and so I haven’t had a lot of time to write things up!

We LOVE going to KILN! 馃槏馃敟

The food is great: aromatic, well seasoned, hot and spicy and it pairs so well with their beer selection. Plus they have a record player out of which they tend to play dub music which we really enjoy as well.

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[VERY BELATED POST] Pseudo-isolation, week 17: everything is weird (and quiet)

Note: this post was written almost a year ago, in July 2020! It had been sitting on my drafts for some reason, and it’s a pity because it has some cool stuff we did last year! So out it goes!

Feel free to imagine it is preceded by a whiff of naphtalene or something 馃槀

This week we went to two (!) restaurants and a pub and it was all weird and quiet. We also ran out of milk but made porridge anyway. And Devvers made Spanish sweets following a Valencian recipe again!

We still can’t walk without the persistent feeling that everyone is going to give us the virus, and many things are still closed, although at least the supermarkets around us are relatively well stocked nowadays.

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Marinated violet artichokes, Tropea onion & robiolina

This is possibly one of our favourite Fitzrovia restaurants, and when restaurants were allowed to serve food to customers after MANY MONTHS, Devvers promptly booked a table for lunch… outdoors. In London. In April. On the shade. On a day with arctic cold wind. AAAH! 馃ザ

But: we had our woollies and thermal clothes on, they have installed heaters, and frankly, this food is so excellent, I was willing to sacrifice my comfort for a while to eat it again (the food, not my comfort).

This was our first restaurant experience in months! What a great comeback.

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Heddon Yokocho

Inside Heddon Yokocho

It’s almost a month since we visited this place, but since you can’t go anywhere anyway, we might as well revisit it!

Natsuki Kikuya had posted about this place in her Instagram page, so I was curious about it.

But wait… a ramen place in Mayfair? 馃馃捀

I looked at the menu on their website to make sure I would not have to sell a kidney to visit 馃槅 The prices seemed within the standards of ramen in Central London, and since there’s not a lot to look forward to these days, I made a reservation.

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