Salad week

I realised my salads tended to use always the same ingredients, so I was getting a bit bored of that. Plus my tendency to use lettuce resulted in lunch boxes full of lettuce and little space for anything else… which left me a bit hungry!

Solution? Try out new salad recipes!

To avoid spending too much time on the internet trying to source the best recipes, and inspired by my recent visit to two Ottolenghi’s restaurants last week, I decided to systematically go through the salads section in Ottolenghi’s “The cookbook”, and make one each night. Then either we’ll end up with some favourites, or at least we’ll have learnt a new trick or two for combining flavours that we did not know about.

  1. Peaches and ham salad
  2. Figs and cheese salad
  3. Radish and beans salad
  4. Fennel, feta and pomegranate salad
  5. Herbs and almonds salad

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