8th May 2019: Tokyo via Helsinki

We can’t go anywhere now, so we might just as well reminisce. And on this day, last year: we started our trip to Japan!

Champagne comes in individual bottles

We decided to split the trip and go via Helsinki: London-Helsinki with Finnair, and Helsinki-Tokyo with Japan Airlines, rather than taking a single long-haul flight with British Airways.

What a difference it made!

The Finnair plane was immaculately clean and flight attendants were not miserable!

The pasta was “nordicised” and came with dill, of course 😂
Ittala glasses
And Marimekko cups

Changing in Helsinki’s airport was incredibly easy. We just had to walk to a nearby gate, and had plenty of time to spare, which we spent browsing various shops, admiring the design and buying nothing (we were very conscious that we still had a full trip ahead of us!) 😂

I don’t think I was ready for the next flight: food came in various “installments” (with a table cloth), there was sake on the menu, and the bathrooms not only were immaculately clean (even after several hours into the flight) and were equipped with TOTO automatic toilets, but they ALSO had windows! 😲

It was all so dignified and civilised!

It was really nice to see Mount Fuji right before landing:

Mount Fuji in the distance
Mount Fuji in the distance

Next up: fighting jetlag in Tokyo with comfort food and beers 😂

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