22nd May 2019: back to London, via Frankfurt

I have been procrastinating on writing this final post on this trip—I suppose it’s a combination of being tired and not wanting to accept that our finished trip was going to finish again, but this time in written form 😂

So, without any further delay… let’s talk about our last hours in Japan!

There wasn’t any matcha granola in this hotel, but they had some sort of weird granola with… beans! To complete the weirdness, I added soya milk. It tasted strange, exotic, very plant-y.

I am in two minds about telling you about our trip back to the airport from the hotel.

On one hand it was tedious: a very sequential story of waiting for buses to arrive and take you on narrow roads that wind and rewind around and forever in what seems to be a loop encircling the airport, like moths around a light bulb, until they finally decide to go for it and tackle the roundabout.

On the other hand, there was that magnificently grumpy driver who was willing to shout orders at passengers who didn’t know about his very specific (and non-communicated) way of doing things, but was also unable to shout because he was too polite, and all he could do was fumble quietly but with a lot of pent-up anger which almost seemed to be floating about his head, in a sort of barely visible cloud.

It was quite comical (except, I suppose, for him!).

That was the most interesting part of the hotel to airport experience.

And voilà, now we’re up in the air and looking at Japan from the plane. As if by magic!

The last sight of Japan

And look I did for a good while, reflecting on what a good time we had had on the trip, and wondering when I’d be able to come back again. And I was deep in thought, when the cabin crew started coming to the seats with table cloths, and offering us something to drink…!

Time for the beautiful Japan Airlines food on board again!

Appetiser - the soft tofu makes another appearance
Appetiser – the soft tofu makes another appearance
Bento box (and some sake on the side!)
Bento box (and some sake on the side!)
Mains - it was all very fishy
Mains – it was all very fishy
Dessert - with beans!
Dessert – with beans!

This time we went via Frankfurt and then London. The shock from the nice Japan Airlines service to the Frankfurt brusqueness and the meh-looking British Airways aircraft was quite brutal!

But at least we didn’t have to deal with Heathrow though; entering London via City allowed us a more civilised “return to reality” (and our bags did get out way faster than they would have otherwise!)

Of course, the following day we went to Japan Centre and bought soba noodles and other essentials: the only way to cope! 😅

It was a great trip, and I’m really looking forward to coming back, and even more so now that we can’t go anywhere, harrumppppphhhhh 😤

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