This week in food, 4 (25 February-3 March 2019)

Maybe (MAYBE) next week I can write something else than summary posts, but in the meantime… here are the highlights of last week (if I can finish typing this without falling asleep ?)


Corn on the cob, omelette, salad
Corn on the cob, omelette, salad

I don’t normally eat corn in this shape because it is really annoying, but I’m very pleased to report that my orthodontic progress made it possible to eat corn on the cob comfortably, for the first time in my life. This was fantastic! The Brussels sprouts cooked using Isaacs’ method were also great.


Thai Green curry - with cauliflower
Thai Green curry – with cauliflower

I had bought a BIG cauliflower and I only managed to use half of it on this BIG batch of Thai green curry. It was very comforting (and I had lunch for Wednesday as well).


Union viet's pork and rice
Union viet’s pork and rice

This was a truly ridiculous day, and I was glad to have had an early lunch from the local Vietnamese cafe Union Viet because then the rest of the day flew off in the most absurd way (I also get very cheery when I visit the cafe–they’re so cheerful and genuine!)


Shane's not so-sour sourdough
Shane’s not so-sour sourdough

My colleague Shane brought a sourdough bread to the office on Friday. He described it as “not so sour sourdough” but I thought it was great. I took a picture for posterity and also for studying and analysing the structure of its crust and crumb. And I’m not kidding! ?

Also, yes, it tasted great!

Roasting cauliflower
Roasting cauliflower

Later that evening, I cut the other half of the cauliflower into smaller florets, mixed them with oil, paprika and turmeric, and roasted them, along as a bunch of other vegetables that were in the fridge. Roasting party! ??


Roasted vegetables salad, with spring onions omelette
Roasted vegetables salad, with spring onions omelette

This was a quickly assembled warm salad (I warmed the roasted veggies in the microwave) while I waited for a bread experiment to raise. Excuse the floury mess in the background ?

The cheese is a very gently smoked one from Spain. This, with the addition of some sauerkraut, tasted super nicely.

Experimental bread
Experimental bread

This was my experimental bread which I had made to bring to our friends’ house. If I had to call it something in Spanish, it’d be “pan al tuntún”, because I had more or less improvised it.

I’m not really sure that there’s a nice and catchy sounding translation of that name into English, but the bread itself was very nice, and it was quite amusing to carry it, freshly baked, and still pretty damn warm, all the way into the midst of Essex. I could see people’s confused faces when a whiff of nice baked goods would escape from my bag!

Bread tray, this morning
Bread tray, this morning

Our friends’ house is very pretty, and their kitchen makes everything even prettier. Including my bread—or half of it, because it had been so successful the day before… ?

Spinach, lentils, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes, pine nuts
Spinach, lentils, bacon, egg, avocado, tomatoes, pine nuts

We somehow confessed to each other that we fancied spinach and lentils today. We’re so aligned! So we made this for dinner. I also had an orange later, but it was just a perfectly functional Navel orange and I didn’t bother taking a picture. I just ate it! Here’s an emoji instead: ? (although it’s actually described as a tangerine, but they’re both citrus fruits after all).

Have a good week!

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