This week in food, 6 (11-17 March 2019)

I’m still juggling one thousand things at once so this week only managed to post one post apart from this one. My hopes from last week for a quieter week: shattered again.


Egg and spring veg tart
Egg and spring veg tart

I’m very tired of this horrible weather by now so I decided that it was Spring already and so I went to the Spring section in Anna Jones’ book, and decided to make this one (for the first time). I think I’ve used puff pastry twice in my life, so I didn’t quite know what I was doing. The recipe wasn’t very clear at points, and I think it ended up a bit too cooked for my taste, but it was overall tasty, and it was cool to learn how to use crème fraiche to make things a bit more juicy (I am a noob when it comes to using both crème fraiche and sour cream, I never know what to do with them—they’re such weird ingredients to me).

I wasn’t too excited about the puff pastry itself (I probably shouldn’t have read the label ?), so I think it might be interesting to redo this recipe using batter instead.


I ate more of the tart.


Salad from Savage Salads
Salad from Savage Salads

I was in a super hurry and didn’t get a chance to prepare any lunch, so I popped by Savage Salads and hoped they’d not have rice in the salads that day. Fortunately they didn’t, and I got to enjoy this salad a lot! It had all sorts of variety which was great.


Greek yoghurt with pear, almonds, coconut, and some oats; and cafetière Monmouth coffee from Colombia
Greek yoghurt with pear, almonds, coconut, and some oats; and cafetière Monmouth coffee from Colombia

It was a rare event in which we both had breakfast together during the week days, so I decided it was worth having “a Symmetry Breakfast” moment ?

I tossed some Greek yoghurt on these pretty cups, then added a diced pear, almonds, coconut, chia seeds, the usual! Since the pear was quite ripe, this was a very gentle breakfast.

The coffee is on my ACME cups which is one of my favourite acquisitions of last year. It’s so great to hold the cup in your hands and smell the coffee ?

Akoori on sourdough bread, with paneer
Akoori on sourdough bread

I fancied some Indian food for dinner, but I didn’t fancy washing lentils and the whole lot for dhals. I decided to try something new from Meera Sodha‘s Fresh India book, and I not only made something I had never done before, but something without a picture!

This akoori dish is like scrambled eggs, but with tomato and lots of nice spices. I served it on sourdough bread from Fabrique, with paneer and rocket on the side (great combination!).

I’d also propose that it should not be allowed to publish recipes without pictures.


Cornish cod at Clipstone
Cornish cod at Clipstone

We went to Clipstone for dinner!

It had been a very long time since we last went there and it was a bit of a chaotic service, so I guess we were put off enough to not come back in almost a year. This time it was fantastic and I’m still thinking about their basil infused Negroni—such a great idea ?


Banana bread
Banana bread

Speaking of Symmetry Breakfast… I loosely followed the recipe in his book to make a banana bread, but I added all sorts of bits and pieces that needed using in the kitchen, starting with three very ripe bananas, continuing with some hard bread (yes, I put bread on the bread—I picked that idea from E5 Bakehouse), and then some figs and walnuts. Food processors: your best friends to avoid food waste!

We had to leave to see some friends for lunch, and the smell of this bread lingered in our minds for all the trip to the end of the Metropolitan line (it’s a long trip!). I was so sorry #notsorry ?


Kiln's glass noodles
Kiln’s glass noodles

We were in the area so we decided to try our luck and pop by KILN. I’m very pleased that we got a table in 10 minutes. It deserves another picture of their yumminess:

Greens at KILN
Greens at KILN

Pretty impressive how “just some greens” can be made to taste so amazing. I mean, they get really good quality produce, but still. This place is excellent.

Ma-po tofu omelette, with rice
Ma-po tofu omelette, with rice

Later on, we’ve cooked a ma-po tofu omelette with rice for dinner. Simple and easy! ✌?

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