Self-isolation, week 9: international cooking

This week we’ve been “travelling” via the food we’ve eaten. Since we can’t go into the world, THE WORLD WILL COME TO US! 🌍🌎🌏

🇨🇭Vaguely Swiss-German: Potato salad with Emmental cheese

🇮🇹 Italy: spaghetti alla carbonara

This is not the best we’ve made but it did the trick of sating our hunger

🇪🇸 Spain: tortilla española (de patatas)

Here, served on an overambitious bed of shredded lettuce, with salad and two pieces of toasted hoppy focaccia (would it count as Italian? maybe!)

🇪🇺 Pure EU: wurst (Germany 🇩🇪) with bubble and squeak (United Kingdom 🇬🇧)

🇮🇹 Italy: spaghetti alla broccoliana

the last of the tiramisù

I finally managed to get a nicely looking portion of tiramisù… and it was the last one! It’s so messy to capture!

🇯🇵 Pseudo Japan: miso noodles

This was a ‘classic cupboard meal’ as the veg box delivery was delayed and the fridge was quite devoid of fresh foods.

I think I can vaguely read my name in there 🤪

🌴 Somewhere tropical: porridge with mango

🇩🇪 Germany: potato salad with wurst

❓I have no idea: the beautiful pistachio, rose water and white chocolate blondies Devvers made while I was on a conf call

These are amazing!

🇮🇹 Italy: the pizza from Santa Maria

These pizzas are so good. And they impressed us: we called them to order and they were ready in 5 minutes—way less than the time it took for us to walk to the restaurant and pick the pizzas up!

Viva Santa Maria e viva Napoli!


We made OKONOMIYAKI and we ate them hot off the pan!!!! YUM YUM YUM 😋

🤪 Porridge fusion: mango, strawberries, chia seeds, coconut, blueberries AND peanut butter

🇮🇳 India: daal

🇪🇸 Spain: Paella de alcachofas

I’m so proud of the results I’m going to give you THREE pictures.

I cooked it so well and with such an impeccable mastery of times, that…

a) we didn’t eat at 4pm

b) I even had time to have an aperitivo while the paella was resting: a classic vermut con papas

c) I even had time to make the vermouth bottle “pose” for me

🇮🇪 Ireland: Soda bread

This is Devvers’ work! It has caraway seeds and tastes delicious.

Plants update

In a slightly different topic, the spring onions I planted are starting to die a slow and sad death…

… but meanwhile the other seedlings are happily growing!


Cycling to the supermarket

And in my final topic, I decided to cycle to the biggest supermarket in our area on Saturday, as I wanted better quality meat than that they sell in our closest supermarket.

I didn’t feel confident that I could use a Santander bike, as all the docking stations were registering really low levels of availability, with one or no bikes. And equally I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to dock the bike on arrival if I got one. So I took my own bike, and the lock. But I don’t like locking the bike, because I’m scared that people will steal something else from the bike. It was great that the security guard allowed me to bring it into the supermarket, half-way folded.

I would have preferred to not have to fold it—it’s not much bigger than a pram, after all, and the shop wasn’t really full since they have a limit on people now. I have brought it inside unfolded before, and had seen other people do that too, but I suppose they’re more vigilant and ‘bossy’ these days.

Either way, it was great to be able to shop with a degree of normality and not be limited by the smaller range we have within walking distance.

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